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Ashtar Gallery is the Ashtar Command Visionary Art Gallery, presented by Alexandriah Stahr, and devoted to the visionary art collection, painted by Celeya Winkler, called Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Commanders. Originally commissioned in 1979 by Sam and Ida Partridge, directors of Mother Mary's Garden and Monka's Retreat in Grass Valley California, and painted through Divine Inspiration by Celeya Winkler.

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The Ashtar Gallery Collection is a one of a kind oil painting collection and contains the original renditions of Commander Ashtar, Commander Korton and Commander Soltek of the Ashtar Command, now known as the Solar Star Command, plus various Angels, Ascended Masters and other Star Commanders. Star-Essence Temple is proud to have acquired this art collection and all copyrights related, as a wonderful addition to our work in 1999.  Commander Alexandriah Stahr is the daughter of Commander Ashtar, voice of the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command and is a healer and conscious channel working with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Commanders depicted in the collection.  The original collection consists of some 39 original oil paintings including paintings of Ida and Sam Partridge.  The Postcard Collections consists of 27 + 10 of these original oil paintings in postcard form and are available as meditation cards to connect energetically with these wonderful Christ Vibration Beings.

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Beautiful Set of 27 + 10 meditation postcards originally commissioned by Ida and Sam Partridge and painted by Visionary Artist Celaya Winkler in 1979.  Commander Alexandriah Stahr and the Star-Essence Temple acquired the original art collection from Clarion Chandler in 1999 and will be creating a variety of new photo products depicting these wonderful paintings.


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Visionary Art Postcard Collection

by Celaya Winkler.

Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Commanders

Commissioned by Ida and Sam Partridge

Painted by Ashtar Command Artist Celaya Winkler 1979

2nd Steward, Clarion Chandler 1986-1999

 3rd Steward, Commander Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple since 1999

Post Card Collections

Original 4 x 6 Postcard Collection: 27 Ashtar Post Card Collection 

Additional 4 x 6 Postcard Collection: 10 Ascended Masters Post Card Collection

Additiona 4 x 6 Postcard Collection:  3 Commander Ashtar Post Card Collection


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